Big and Small Ways to Give of Yourself

Here are some ways in which we can give of ourselves on our own time, with our children or on our own. You don’t have to attend an event, you can evangelize and change the world on your own schedule, in your daily life. We all find ways to waste time at home and so here are some practical ways in which you can schedule meaningful outreach into your daily life- pro-family, pro-life, missionary goodness to help the world become a better, safer place for everyone.

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform is a great educational anti-abortion organization that provides ways in which individuals can spread the pro-life message. Here are a few ways:

1) If you have Facebook, take a couple minutes when you can and share CCBR’s videos, articles or intentionally put your status as something to do with abortion. I firmly believe that it can and will impact someone on your Facebook page and spark a conversation about abortion.

2) Buy some of CCBR’s postcards, take a walk with your kids and distribute them. This is something that can easily be built in to your day. Or, get together with a group of Mamas, rotate who hosts lunch and distribute them in each others neightbourhoods. Or, drop some off at the grocery store- do some creative littering!

3) If there is an opportunity to do “Choice” Chain once a week for two hours in your city, I would encourage you to attend that and share your life experience and knowledge with people on the street. I plan on taking William to “Choice” Chain in a sling so that he can save babies (believe me, there is a lot less arguing when you have an infant with you).

Other ways:

4) Help out with pro-life, pro-family events at your church!

5) Evangelize to your mom’s group by being open about your faith and inviting them to events

7) Ask a teacher friend if her class can follow your pregnancy (visit the class and talk to them about the stage you are at etc etc)

6) Join Ottawa Against Abortion, a pro-life activism group in Ottawa to learn more about how you can get involved:

I want to encourage all the mothers I know to choose to evaluate honestly what you can do to help save these little ones from abortion and help the world. I recently heard of a mom of fourteen doing “Choice” Chain! Now, THAT is inspiring. If that woman can find time to save some lives, then so can I!) I hope you will sincerely take this to heart: What can I do?


4 thoughts on “Big and Small Ways to Give of Yourself

  1. Hi Ruth,

    This is a great idea. Moms with little ones can make a difference in the battle against abortion!!

    One thing I would add though is that moms with kids who are mobile should definitely be aware that they should stay close together and even if the kids want to run ahead to drop off more postcards, they shouldn`t. They should always have an adult or teenager with them.

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