Let’s revisit notions of child abuse.

can’t stop thinking about this, so I thought a visual was best. If transgenderism is really child abuse, why is no-one talking about taking these children away from their parents? Is it because its too uncomfortable to admit now that the philosophy has been pushed so much as acceptable?
In order to preserve the –is it pride?– of the left, children are the ones who continue to suffer. Foster children are taken away from good parents because they told them the truth, while other children are kept in abusive environments because it would make everyone too uncomfortable to suggest that maybe some things are just not okay, and harmful.Perhaps because to do so someone would have to admit that there is good and bad, and not everything is a fluid grey mass of unclear, unsure ideologies?
It is uncomfortable to expose the growing hypocrisies of the liberal now mainstream ideologies of our society. When we allow destructive people to decide what harm is, destructive things happen. Good people are punished, and harmful people are praised. And those who suffer the most are usually the vulnerable.
Despite article after article being written on the harms of transgenderism being made available to children, there has not been a single suggestion so far that perhaps the children who are exposed to the abuse of the philosophy should be removed from the home. However, parents who teach a value system in accordance with a non-violent religion, who tell their children the truth about Santa or the Easter Bunny have their children taken away from them. It’s backwards and disgusting.
Here are two articles regarding transgenderism and child abuse, there are many more:

      PicMonkey Image


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