Have we forgotten Gosnell already?

If abortion was really that bad, surely someone would tell you. There would be studies reported by the media about the physical and psychological harm to women. The reality of what abortion does to our most vulnerable would be splashed across the headlines and the lead story on the national newscasts. But it’s not.

Abortion is a sacred cow for most news organizations. When forced to address the topic, the pro-life view is dismissed almost in the same breath.
 To an objective journalist, the Gosnell trial should be the perfect story: murder, exploitation, vulnerable women and an extremely contentious social issue, but networks (apart from my wonderful colleagues at Sun News) have to be forced to even acknowledge what happened.
Politics overtakes good reporting and common sense time and time again when it comes to abortion. In the case of Gosnell, this self imposed blackout applied to what jurors agree is outright murder as well.
The media will bend over backwards to push this topic into the farthest, darkest corners. Few public figures have the backbone to be outraged; that’s why the world need women like you. Women to see the horrendous crimes without the veil of political correctness.
 When I first read about the trial of Kermit Gosnell (just thinking he was  called doctor makes me feel the vomit rising), and the killing that went on in his clinic, known as the House of Horrors, the images made me nauseous.
 But his actions are hardly any more outrageous than the 100,000 Canadian babies killed in the womb per year. Is there any significant difference between a baby being killed a minute after being born as
  opposed to a minute before? It’s just semantics.
 Gosnell, for a brief moment, exposed the horror of abortion to the light of day. There are many working to push this reality back into the darkness so it never makes us uncomfortable again.
 But the truth in our country is a difficult one. It is our role as women to make sure it remains exposed. It is our responsibility as women to defend  the vulnerable. We know the truth of what abortion is and what it does to
 our women and children. We need to ignore the political correct garbage fed to us by the media and communicate the reality. The lives of the unborn and the women who carry them depend on it.”

( To find out how you can help stop abortion today, click on “Big and Small ways to give of yourself” on the homepage!)


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