Love this hard-working mama activist!




My friend and fellow mama activist, Maaike Rosendal, is currently travelling through the Netherlands teaching young people pro-life apologetics. Maaike is an extremely courageous, passionate and hard-working mama who does pro-life work on a fundraised salary with her husband, Nick, while raising two beautiful boys (Jonah and Elliot).

We know that Maaike is teaching her young ones the truth and how to live a life of conviction by her example.Even at the young age of 2, Jonah, is able to articulate with clarity how beautiful and courageous his mama is:

While I was getting ready this evening, Jonah asked where I was going. “To do a presentation. Do you know what that means?” He eagerly responded: “Ya! You go help babies, right Mom?” I said that was kind of true, but also that I was going to speak at a church. “What do you think I should tell the people?” To my surprise he said something we’ve never explicitly told him. “You say, you don’t hurt babies and also, you help babies.” Oh, and very importantly, “And I go bike with Oma, okay?” How beautifully simple things are from the perspective of a 2.5-year old!

Maaike and Nick, thank you for all that you do for our culture and the babies!! Your sons will be men of courage.


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