A brave little mama…

This week, Mama Activist received word that a brave young woman (high school age), chose to cancel her abortion appointment booked by her boyfriend. The road may be long and challenging for her, but she will have peace knowing she did right by her baby. That she protected the weakest, and most vulnerable member of her family.  May we teach our children to be as courageous as this young woman, at such a young and impressionable  age!

The Windsor Choice Chain crew stood outside Herman High School last Friday. There were 10 of us outside the doors at lunch hour and students were mainly walking past us to get to lunch. We handed out many brochures as they were passing by to go for lunch. After a few conversations and listening to many angry pro choicers, I saw 3 young girls walking back to the school from lunch. We hadn’t given them a brochure or talked to them yet since they dodged us on the way to lunch. I walked over to them and asked what they thought about abortion. One of the girls replied that they had never heard of abortion until today, but after seeing the images they were shocked to know this is going on in Canada. One of the girls then told me that her friend was pregnant and her boyfriend scheduled her an appointment for an abortion but she is cancelling it.

‘’Why is she cancelling the appointment?” I asked.
‘’She saw the graphic pictures and read the brochure one of you handed her on her way to lunch and she was disgusted. She had no idea that’s what abortion did to the baby and told us there is no way she is doing that to her child…she’s keeping it!’’

-Jennafer Courteaux



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