My Calling: Part 2

My Calling Continues Because I am a Mother

By Amanda Gaudet

When I became a mother – at the time of conception – I felt increased passion for the pro-life movement. Never had I felt more connected to the mothers facing unplanned/crisis pregnancies. As mothers, we have experiences that will allow us to connect in a special way to women in crisis, and this is a unique gift we must use to help win the battle for life.

Right before Chloe was born, I started an online moms group. This group is a place where mothers from any background can come and seek advice, support, wisdom, and friendship. We started out with only a handful of mothers, but it has grown to almost 200! To me it is very important to provide this sort of community so that us mothers, no matter where we are in the world, can have the support of and learn from other women like us.

While on maternity leave, some ways I managed to stay actively pro-life was to train staff at The Back Porch, assist CCBR (Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform) in organizing their 2012 Canadian tour, host a BBQ for those on tour and provided shelter while they were here. I was also fortunate enough to help organize and host monthly pro-life further education events for pro-life staff.

Now that I am a full-time stay at home mom, I have had to find other ways to still be active. My husband and I donate financially to pro-life organizations and have encouraged our family and friends to do so as well. We still bring literature to our church and try to attend events when possible. I was recently asked to do a good will audit for a local pro-life group. Since I am no longer at The Back Porch daily, I have started organizing monthly prayer events outside the clinic on Saturday mornings.

Organizing and prioritising my life has helped me to be able to continue to do pro-life work. It doesn’t have to take much of your time: perhaps an hour a month if that’s all your able to do right now. After evaluating how I usually spend my time, I found I watched too much tv and could make better use of those wasted hours. By cancelling out useless activity, I have been able to plan things, volunteer from home and continue my pro-life education.

You can have fun while you’re doing this important work too. Go out for coffee after an event or offer to host a lunch for those who join you in activism. Have meetings at a fun cafe to plan your next activities and educate the public at the same time! Also, don’t be afraid to bring your children to do activism. It is important that they learn from a young age what it means to be pro-life!

There are so many ways you can be active; you just need to find what fits for you and your schedule!

– If you’re in Edmonton/area, please join our group of moms for prayer! We generally meet the 3rd Saturday of the month for one hour. In June it will be the 4th Saturday. Contact me for more information.

– Call a local pro-life group and ask them what you can do. They will often have easy office work that you can do such as stuffing envelopes, filing, organizing, etc. You may even be able to volunteer from home!

– The Back Porch is always looking for volunteers to help speak to clients. Many of the current volunteers are mothers. Training is provided.

– Be pro-life on social media. Share articles on your Facebook, Twitter, Blog and sign up for pro-life e-newsletters/updates.

– Take part in the March for Life, Life Chain, pro-life walk-a-thons and other forms of public activism.

– Creative littering – leave pro-life literature in malls, churches, etc. (Contact your pro-life group to see what you can do!)

– Do you have connections to schools? Help pro-life groups get in to educate students!

– Invite a pro-life speaker to your church!

– Do you have interest in politics? Contact The Wilberforce Project aka Alberta Pro-life to see what you can do to help!

– Begin monthly or regular donations to a pro-life organization of your choice. Or consider donating funds for a specific project.

– Read pro-life material so you are well educated, can state clear facts and are not caught off-guard.

– Join a pro-life board! They are ALWAYS looking for people.

– Boycott products/stores, etc that support the pro-abortion agenda AND let them know you are boycotting them for that reason.

– Wear pro-life clothing – your kids can too! There are t-shirts, feet pins, bags, and more!

– Host a pro-life movie night at your home, church, ladies/moms group!

– Donate maternity and baby clothing that you do not use any more to local pregnancy crisis centres.

– Organize regular prayer meetings at your church, outside your local abortion clinic, etc.

– Petition/lobby the government. Go outside the legislative buildings with signs and brochures.

Read Amanda’s part 1:

To talk to someone about how you can get invovled more as a mama, please find Mama Activist on Facebook and send us a message!



3 thoughts on “My Calling: Part 2

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  3. […] on over to Mama Activist’s blog to read part two of my pro-life […]

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