My mamas are brave mamas

By Ruth Shaw

Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking at the candlelight vigil which marks the beginning of the March for Life activities for the weekend. The speech was largely noting my admiration for my biological mother who courageously gave me up for adoption when I was 3 months old. In a country where access to sex-selective abortion is easy, I am eternally grateful for my biological mother’s sacrifice- who knows all that she gave up by choosing to carry her pregnancy to term. Her willingness to sacrifice herself for me motivates me to sacrifice myself for other babies who have noone to sacrifice for them. I hope to pass on the same legacy to my son, William.

One thing that I did not touch on yesterday that I want to touch on today is the courage and bravery of both my mamas- the one who gave me life, and the one who taught me to live it. I don’t have the words to properly express how I feel (my little son decided to party it up tonight!), and so here is a beautiful poem on adoption that clearly summarizes my gratitude to both my mamas- thank you for being so brave.

Today, I am grateful for my life. Dear mama activists, many babies have noone to speak for them- will you?

10 months old and ready to leave the orphanage!

10 months old and ready to leave the orphanage!


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